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So as it turns out, you can get the strut top in the perfect spot for castor, but when it comes to width, the narrowest you can get it is till around 20mm wider overall than the s13. So that means with the extended lower arms, the wheel sticks out a bunch more. On top of this, to get the wheel away from castor arms/swaybar/tie rod/chassis on full lock, you need to space the wheel out loads, and the skyline has such small gaurds. The result is this:

I need to slot the top coilover bracket hole to get some of the camber back, and I’ll get some GTR guards or something.

Double strut tops for double awesome. I did this whole thing in the carpark (except the angle grinding where I had to take it down to the house for power) on my own. So its most likely going to fall out mid express way run to the track or something.

Unfortunately this is the last photo I saved from my phone before a wild Christmas eve cruelly took it away from me. A photo of a shitty old bride. Pretty cheap/mint though.

I still have the 2000 odd photos from Chris’s old canon that he “lent” me that I’ve been taking round to the events, and all the video’s from my phone to go through. + I just got a new phone so I can start taking photos of things again. I’ve missed so much awesome not having a camera.

454 photos FINISHED.


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