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Life does something, forgot what.

Original r32 setup.

Swaybar was a bit of an issue. The skyline mounts bolt to far foward, so the swaybar links were on a mad janky angle. Luckly there was an extra hole which you can see as the back hole in the photo. But if I used that it means there’s no where to bolt the front of the swaybar mount, and that weird step down would be bang in the center of the swaybay leaving the rubber mount nothing flat to but up against.

J-mod fixes. Cut up the old skyline rubber bushes to sit under the mount so its a flat surface.

And some big ass washers for the front. This shits going to explode into a million pieces just before I enter at meihan I bet. I’ve done one Meihan day and a bunch of port runs  since the conversion and its held up no problems.

Big lock made wheels hit castor arms super early, angle ground up the spacers to offset the arms away from the wheel.



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