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Again, so pointless without video, but I’m laazy.

At this day was Jesse, Shane, Tom and Erin. It was Tom and Erins last trackday before heading back to Aus, if I remember right they had to leave early to catch their flight.. anyway. .



Shane (this car looks awesome now)

Erin. Again.. the rear guards!

Awesome guy.


Foreigner Corner.

On the second to last session of the day, I decided to stuff it up big and hit the wall to hard, which straightened me into the  outside wall. I hit the drivers corner super hard which flicked the car around and smashed the rear quarter as well. So after hitting the 1st wall, that’s 3 super smashed corners of the car. Good job!

The front doesn’t look too bad here, since this is after Shane helped pull it all out using a tow rope and his Skyline. The stack was actually so hard it pushed the drivers side strut tower back pretty far.

Sad and ready to go home.

It surprisingly drove fine on the way home after a bit of tweaking with the alignment, good to go for more drifting.

Hahaha, ahh man.

Annnd the Life goes to the supermarket.

Video later.


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